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Direct Hire vs Staffing What you need to know

With AMN Healthcare, you have the option to choose!

We know that everyone’s international nursing journey is different. That’s why AMN Healthcare is proud to offer both staffing and direct hire opportunities through our affiliate companies, O’Grady Peyton International and Connetics USA, to connect international nurses with jobs at leading health systems in the U.S.

What is a staffing agency?

O'Grady Peyton, an AMN Healthcare company offers a staffing agency solution. The healthcare facility will hire a nurse through a staffing agency, which supplies and employs the talent. You become an employee of the staffing agency, versus an employee of the healthcare facility itself.


Advantages and disadvantages of staffing agencies:
  • Staffing solutions offer more flexibility, speed, and efficiency for employers, as they can hire temporary or contract workers for short-term or project-based needs. The employment contract commitment times are shorter, and your pay rate is based on a flat rate versus a salary based on your experience.

What is a direct hire agency?

Connetics USA, an AMN Healthcare company offers an industry-leading direct hire solution. Working with a direct hire recruitment agency means the healthcare facility hires you directly. The direct hire agency is simply matching you with a healthcare facility position. Direct hire jobs are usually permanent or long-term positions with salaries and benefits based on experience.


Advantages and disadvantages of direct hire:
  • Direct hire offers stability, loyalty, and engagement for employees, as they are full-time workers with benefits and a long-term commitment to the company. On the other hand, direct hire contract commitments are longer than staffing contract commitments.


Not sure which path is right for you?


We’re here to support you throughout your journey. AMN Healthcare gives you the opportunity to make a choice between staffing and direct hire through our affiliate companies O'Grady Peyton and Connetics USA. Apply through the form below to get connected with a recruiter.

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