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International nurses and allied professionals have trusted O’Grady Peyton for over 40 years to help them realize their dream of working in America. Our team of experienced recruiters are available 24/7 during every stage of the process, answering questions, coordinating testing, and helping you and your family reach for new success in the U.S. 

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Why O’Grady Peyton International?

Our sponsorship program has helped thousands of nurses work in America, and are beginning to help allied healthcare professionals as well. We cover all the necessary bases, helping you achieve success through:

  • Extensive Relationships: Our contacts with top healthcare providers give nurses and allied health professionals opportunities that are among the highest-paying and most rewarding jobs across the U.S.
  • Licensing & Certification Assistance: We arrange and help you prepare for the NCLEX nursing exam and other necessary certifications.
  • Housing & Travel: Our team arranges and pays for travel. In addition, we help you get set up in a place to live, including furniture and utilities set up.
  • Day One Benefits: You’ll feel at home the moment you arrive with lots of first day on the job benefits, including medical, dental and vision insurance, and more.

What Our Healthcare Professionals Are Saying

If I were to give an international nurse some advice, coming to America to work it would be to be open minded and accepting of change and the different ways of working, take opportunities to learn and develop yourself and share your knowledge with others and finally acknowledge your limitations, face your fears, enjoy life and always do your very best. 

Teresa H. - Originally from Chesterfield, UK

O Grady Peyton International paved the way for many an opportunity for my family and I starting our new life in the USA. Michelle was an invaluable source, Kim like a big sister and Gillian and Sinead were always available! Thanks to you and your team! You were always there and then some!

Lemone B. - Originally from Kingston, Jamaica

My journey here in the United States, with the team from O' Grady Peyton International, being at the steering wheel, has been more than phenomenal. The occasional calls I receive from Kim, Sinead, Gillian and other members of the team, to check on my progress, are invaluable. Kim gave us helpful tips that assisted my husband in finding a job of his own in the US. I am very grateful.

Paulette W. - Originally from Jamaica

O’Grady Peyton International was a God-send; I will be eternally grateful to OGP for paving the path for my many nursing career successes. The OGP staff is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. The migration process and transition to a new country and culture went smoothly because of the dedication and unwavering support of the staff.

Melisa S. - Originally from Jamaica

Let’s work together to create your own personal success as a nurse or allied professional working in America. If that sounds like something you’d like to achieve, get started today by contacting us or completing our short application or by calling  912-352-0684.