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Program Requirements

US Visa, Visascreen, NCLEX, and US Nursing License Requirements

Once you are approved for the O’Grady Peyton International nursing program, we will help you with everything you need to relocate to the USA, such as your nursing visa, screening, US nursing license and passing the NCLEX exam. You will then be hired for a specified period of time as an O’Grady Peyton employee (on average 24 months) and be rewarded with a generous salary and an excellent benefits package. Here is important information to help move the process along:

Job Application Process

Candidates for our nursing jobs in the US must meet minimum requirements in order to be considered for nursing jobs in the US. Please follow the link at the bottom of this paragraph if you feel you comply with all of the requirements entailed on this page. Successful completion of a recognized education program, including minimum general and professional hours is required, as is fluency in English, both written and verbal, and a minimum of 12 months’ experience in a clinical setting.

I’m Ready to Apply

Prepare to Pass the NCLEX Examination

The first priority is to prepare you for the mandatory U.S. nurse licensing exam—the NCLEX-RN. This exam ensures that your skills and experience meet USA nursing employment standards. Our excellent education program and dedicated consultants will help you prepare to pass the NCLEX. O’Grady Peyton International will arrange and pay for your travel and accommodations if testing is not offered near your home. NCLEX exams are given in the USA and its territories, and in other locations around the World.

Visa Screening

Once you have your US RN nursing license, we’ll begin the visa sponsorship process for you. As your US employer, O’Grady Peyton International will sponsor you and your immediate family members for U.S. permanent residency (Green Card). We will also apply for your Visa Screen™ certification, a credentialing program that confirms you have completed a required screening program for healthcare professionals.

Job Placement

Many factors are considered regarding your placement at a U.S. healthcare facility, including your clinical skills and experience, employment opportunities at the time of your relocation and your location preference. Because of the strong relationships that O’Grady Peyton International has built with hospitals across the U.S. and the quality and professionalism of our travel nurses, job opportunities are available in more locations and hospitals than ever before.

Preparing for the USA

Before you pack your bags for America, an O’Grady Peyton International specialist will discuss what to expect when you arrive at your destination. Our program offers assistance with the socio-cultural, psychological and clinical adaptions that you will likely encounter as you transition to the United States. We understand that this is more than just a nursing job — this is an exciting new adventure, so we provide you with everything you need to ensure you’re comfortable and confident about your relocation.

Upon Arrival in America

An O’Grady Peyton International representative will meet you at the airport when you arrive and be on hand to help you ease into your new life, particularly during your first week in the USA. Your representative will help you and your family with essential tasks, such as opening a bank account, buying household items, obtaining a social security card, getting a driver’s license and, if necessary, assist you in purchasing a car and car insurance.

Our Services in the USA

A local O’Grady Peyton International Clinical Assignment Manager will be assigned to you and will be available throughout the duration of your nursing employment with O’Grady Peyton. Representatives are available to answer your questions about USA nursing care standards or any other clinical question, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will give you the support you need to ease into your new environment and to feel comfortable on the job and at home.

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