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RN Jobs in the USA

When packing for RN jobs in the US, our international nurses can save time by following these tips. If you're ready to apply, go here:

Essential Documents

Bring both the original (and a photocopy) of the following documents, making sure to keep the copies separate from the originals. In the event you lose a document or it is stolen, you’ll have a copy to use, making the replacement process of the original much easier. 1. Passport(s) 2. Application for immigrant visa and alien registration. One copy for each applicant must be fully completed. 3. Birth certificate(s) (long version with parent’s names) for yourself, spouse and unmarried children younger than 21 years. 4. Adoption certificate (if applicable). 5.Deed poll (if you have changed your name). 6.Marriage certificate (if applicable). 7.Divorce decree (if applicable). 8.Military service record (for any service in any country). 9.Police certificate(s) (required for each applicant over the age of 16—one for each country where applicant lived for at least one year after 16 years of age). Bring one original and one photocopy.

Essential items

Make sure you understand your airline’s checked bags policy, including number of bags allowed and weight limits. To avoid additional charges, pack only what you really need and purchase the rest when you arrive in America. Here is some traveling advice to consider:

Currency/Traveler's Checks

$5,000 U.S. in cash or traveler’s cheques if you are traveling alone. $1,000 U.S. for each additional person traveling with you. Carry your traveler’s cheques with you in a money bag or secure area, and be sure to make photocopies of them in case they are lost or stolen. Check with your bank to find out whether your ATM card will work overseas. Keep in mind that if bank drafts or money orders are deposited in a U.S. bank, the funds may not be available for up to 28 days.


All documents (passports, birth certificates, etc.) should be with you at all times while traveling. Keep them with you or in your hand-held luggage and keep copies of them elsewhere.

Credit Cards

If you have one or more, bring them with you. Credit cards are useful and may be necessary for getting items you need. If you don’t have a credit card, you should get one. To get one in the United States, you will need to establish credit in the U.S. (which will take six to 12 months). Your O’Grady Peyton representative can help you with questions about credit cards.


Plan to purchase most of your clothes in the United States. Clothing is often less expensive in America than in many other countries. Find out what the weather is like in the area where you’ll be living and pack for that weather.


You will need sheets for your bed(s). (Bring extra sheets if you are traveling with your family.) Bring one or two bath towels. You can buy additional sheets and towels once you arrive at your new home. Your O’Grady Peyton representative will help you find stores in your area.


Because hospitals have different nursing uniform requirements, you may want to wait until you arrive before making any uniform purchases. There are numerous uniform outlets in every major U.S. city and a variety of websites where you can purchase them online.

Personal Items

Current résumé, your skills checklist, copies of all of your certifications, copies of diplomas, a copy of your degree(s), general reference books, pictures of friends and family, and other small items that will make you feel at home

Non-Essential Items

Pack non-essential items sparingly. Remember, you can purchase most of what you need in America. Purchase new small appliances once you arrive in the United States since it’s likely that your appliances will not conform to the U.S. standard voltage.

Shipping Extra Items

You will have a forwarding address seven to 14 days prior to your departure to the United States. Your O’Grady Peyton International representative will help you coordinate any items you need to ship to your new home prior to your arrival in America.

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