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Long-Term International Nurse Recruitment & Staffing 

In order to provide quality care, you must staff caring, professional nurses that have the experience and skillsets to make a difference. To guarantee you have the best and brightest nursing candidates, O’GradyPeyton International is here to help.

Our nurse staffing agency is experienced in providing health care employers with highly skilled, well-trained nurses for long-term commitments. By seeking out nurses from international sources, O’Grady Peyton maintains a selection of qualified nurses to help medical facilities meet financial, operational and clinical care goals. Our nurses remain at your facility for 18 to 24 months, so you can count on them as part of your long-term nurse staffing plan. O’Grady Peyton nurses are dedicated to living and working in the U.S., and in many cases, can become future leaders, managers or permanent staff members of your hospital.

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Highly Qualified, Experienced Nurses

We take the time to understand your unique nurse staffing challenges, so that we can select nursing professionals ideally suited for your facility. All of our nurses are thoroughly prescreened to ensure that they meet our high standards before we present them you. The O’Grady Peyton International nurse recruitment team selects the best-qualified nurses, with an average of seven years’ acute care experience.

Nurse Preparation and Training

Our nurse staffing agency prides itself on properly preparing our candidates before they arrive at your facility to ensure that each is a productive member of your health care team upon arrival. Our nurses are required to complete at least 45 hours of continuing education prior to the assignment, as well as a Web-based study plan designed to effectively acclimate them to U.S. standards. O’Grady Peyton representatives begin working with nurses a few months before they arrive to ensure their skills and training meet your hospital’s specific needs. We also offer free, continuing education and arrange additional training whenever necessary to ensure that our nurses provide the highest quality of care.

Licensing, Immigration and Relocation

O’Grady Peyton handles all the time-consuming details of licensing, immigration and relocation—which means that we take care of Visa Screen and Green Card processes for nurses, so you don’t have to. When nurses arrive, they are legal U.S. residents and ready to begin working at your facility. From picking them up at the airport, to taking them shopping and familiarizing them with their new surroundings, our staffing agency makes sure that our nurses have settled into their new home and are completely comfortable. We check in with our nurses weekly to ensure they’re adjusting well to their new environment and offer them ongoing cultural and emotional support. O’Grady Peyton also offers nurses clinical support for on-the-job questions—representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There’s No Financial Risk

When you select O’Grady Peyton International to fill your nurse staffing requirements, you will only be billed after an assignment has begun. There’s no financial risk or requirement of funds prior to the nurse’s arrival at your facility. We pay for the nurse’s licenses, NCLEX exams, permanent residency visa and travel costs—you only pay for the hours the nurse works for you.

Retaining just one nurse yields tremendous financial benefit, and in many cases a nurse will choose to become part of your permanent staff at the end of their contract. You’ll save on administrative fees, nurse recruitment costs and bonuses. A partnership with O’Grady Peyton International makes good financial sense.

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