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Job Seeker Resources November 8, 2022

Don’t Re-Schedule Your Exam. Re-Plan Your Timing

Tips to Help You Get to Your NCLEX Exam on Time, Refreshed, and Prepared

Tip 1 : Plan Ahead

Airports can be loud, stressful, and confusing. Research how and when you need to get there with time to get through security lines, refresh yourself and get to your departing terminal without breaking a sweat.

Pro tip: All airports have websites with resources to help travelers commute smoothly. Plan to arrive in two to three hours ahead of when your flight will take off to ensure you have adequate time to get to your terminal with ease.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have my photo IDs needed to fly?
  • Do I have my COVID-19 vaccination status documentation?
  • Do I have money on me in case of an emergency?

Tip 2 : Traveling to Your Destination

Before you’ve landed at your next destination, book any ground transportation you’ll need to get from the airport to your next location. If it’s your hotel, call ahead and confirm whether they provide any shuttle services
and how you can take advantage of that. If they don’t, arrange for safe and reliable transport (Taxi service, Uber, Lyft, etc.) to take you where you need to go next.

Pro tip: give yourself as much time as possible to land and go to baggage claim for your bags. Keep your most valuable items with you in a carry-on bag.

Tip 3 : Prepare for the Exam

Save yourself time and worry by knowing where your testing center is. Understanding how far the location is from your hotel is also key to being on time and ready to take your exam. Take advantage of your hotel's breakfast offerings or any local stops that make it easy to eat and go.

Pro tip: always bring a layer to put on – don’t let a chilly center distract you from being at your best for your test.

With the right preparation ahead of your travel you will be able to stay calm,
and focused and do great on test day. Connect with your OGP representative to talk through any other concerns or transportation assistance needed prior to your trip.

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