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Important Information About Jobs in the U.S.

We have long-term assignments open from coast to coast in the U.S. for international healthcare professionals.   At any given time, we have many positions available for PTs, which are continually updated with the most current assignments. In addition to our own opportunities we work with our affiliate Allied companies to find the right match for each individual candidate.

For nurses, however, due to immigration retrogression, we are currently only accepting applications from those who already have a U.S. work visa or are eligible for one. 

PT Referral Program

If you refer a physical therapist that has passed the NPTE and they sign with OGP, you can receive a $500 referral fee upon commencement of their U.S. assignment.

USA Nursing Employment Program

Our USA Nursing Program starts the moment you apply with us. Once approved, we will help you with everything you need in order to relocate to the USA. Nursing employment is our focus and our thorough program ensures that you have the necessary skills and resources you need to be successful in America. In return for the services provided by O’Grady Peyton International, you will be retained for a specified period of time as an O’Grady Peyton employee (usually 18 to 24 months.) You will be rewarded with a generous salary and an excellent benefits package during your nursing employment with us.

Our comprehensive program is designed to address both the professional and personal aspects of your move to the USA. You will be prepared to start your nursing job, and we will ensure that you have all the tools you need to be successful.

Nursing Job Application Process

If you are a licensed nurse with a minimum of one year’s experience in an acute-care environment in your home country, your skills are in great demand in America. Once you complete our inquiry form, we will determine if your education and nursing employment experience qualify you to work as a nurse in the USA. You can learn more about the program’s selection criteria in the requirements section of this site.

NCLEX Examination

The first priority is to prepare you for the mandatory U.S. nurse licensing exam—the NCLEX-RN, to ensure that your skills and experience meet USA nursing employment standards.  You may complete your application for the NCLEX RN exam at the same time as studying for the exam.  We can assist you with license application paperwork and will help you prepare for the exam with educational materials, practice exams and seminars as part of our NCLEX courses and application service.  Once you are ready to take your exam, O’Grady Peyton International can assist you in finding the nearest NCLEX test center. NCLEX exams are given in the USA and its territories, in addition to London, Germany, India, Philippines, Australia, Seoul and Hong Kong.

Visa Sponsorship

Once you have your registered nurse (RN) license, we’ll begin the visa sponsorship process for you. O’Grady Peyton International will sponsor you and your immediate family members for Permanent Residency Visas (Green Card). We will also apply for your Visa Screen™ certification, a credentialing program that confirms you have completed a required screening program for healthcare professionals.

Nursing Job Placement

O’Grady Peyton International’s placement team works hard to ensure that your nursing job in the USA is a great fit for you and the healthcare facility. Many factors are considered regarding your placement at an American hospital, including your clinical skills and experience, employment opportunities at the time of your relocation and, of course, your location preference. Because of the strong relationships that O’Grady Peyton International has built with hospitals across the U.S. and the quality and professionalism of our nurses, job opportunities are available at more hospitals than ever before.

Preparing for the USA

Before you pack your bags for America, O’Grady Peyton International will ensure that you know what to expect when you arrive at your destination. Our program offers assistance with the socio-cultural, psychological and clinical adaptations that you will likely encounter as you make the transition to the United States. We understand that this is more than just a nursing job, this is an exciting new adventure, so we provide you with everything you need to ensure you’re comfortable and confident about your relocation.

Upon Arrival in America

From the time you touch down on American soil, an O’Grady Peyton International Meet-and-Greet representative will be on hand to help you ease into your new life, particularly during your first week in the USA. During this time, your representative will help you and your family with essential tasks, such as opening a bank account, buying household items, obtaining a social security card, getting a driver’s license and, if necessary, purchasing a car and car insurance. We take this time to help you acclimate to your new area, ensure that you are comfortable in your new location and fully prepared to begin your nursing career in the USA.

Our Services in the USA

A local O’Grady Peyton International representative will be assigned to you and will be available throughout the duration of your nursing employment with O’Grady Peyton. Representatives are available to answer your questions about USA nursing care standards or any other clinical question, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will give you the support you need to ease into your new environment and to feel comfortable on the job and at home.

At the end of your assignment with O’Grady Peyton International, you have many options available. You can take another nursing job in the USA or perhaps select a travel nursing assignment—you’ll have a variety of opportunities to choose from. Please refer to our FAQs section to get all the details on the choices you have at the end of your contracted assignment.
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O’Grady Peyton’s USA nursing employment program can help you with everything you need to secure a rewarding nursing job in America, including the NCLEX exam and visa sponsorship process.
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