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Nursing in the USA


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Important Information About Jobs in the U.S.

We have long-term assignments open from coast to coast in the U.S. for international healthcare professionals.   At any given time, we have many positions available for PTs, which are continually updated with the most current assignments. In addition to our own opportunities we work with our affiliate Allied companies to find the right match for each individual candidate.

For nurses, however, due to immigration retrogression, we are currently only accepting applications from those who already have a U.S. work visa or are eligible for one. 

PT Referral Program

If you refer a physical therapist that has passed the NPTE and they sign with OGP, you can receive a $500 referral fee upon commencement of their U.S. assignment.

The Midwest Region

With more than 30 percent of all farms and 34 percent of all cropland acres in this region, the Midwest is known as The Heartland of America. However, there is much more to this region than farmland and conservation. The Midwest is home to many state-of-the-art cities, beautiful state parks, historic sites, sporting attractions and recreational activities. With 15 states to choose from, this region has something for everyone.


High plains, tall grass prairies and wooded hills are encompassed by painted skies in this state where NASCAR racing, fishing, Bluegrass music festivals and American Indian heritage sites are all popular attractions. The largest cities in the “Sunflower State” include Wichita and Topeka, although no matter where you roam in Kansas you’ll always be surrounded by the many splendors of the great outdoors.


One of the most famous horse-racing events of the year is held here—the famous Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Away from the excitement and fast pace of the race track, the “Bluegrass State” offers an abundance of relaxing activities near its scenic lakes, hills, hollows and flatlands. Explore the region’s beautiful forests, visit a horse farm, picnic on a riverbank or visit one of the area’s many historic sites.


Known as the “Lake Country,” this state is home to the Great Lakes. A total of eight scenic lakes, surrounded by green parks and nature preserves provide opportunities for boating, fishing, hunting, kayaking and many other outdoor pursuits. The cities of Ann Arbor and Lansing offer a multitude of cultural activities and city attractions, while Detroit, known for its car manufacturing, is home to the Detroit Automobile Hall of Fame.


State parks, wooded bluffs, rolling plains, pristine forests and farmlands are just a few of Minnesota’s highlights. In total, the state boasts 66 state parks and more than 10,000 lakes. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are the cultural and urban centers and offer all the sophistication you’d expect from major cities, including top-rate entertainment, professional sports teams, fine dining and great shopping.


Rich in history and culture, and boasting more than 80 state parks where you can enjoy biking, hiking, mountain climbing and camping, Missouri’s landscape is filled with beauty and variety. St. Louis and Kansas City are the state’s largest cities, yet the region’s rural charm and friendly spirit are always close at hand.


Known for “The Good Life” because of its simple values and high quality of living, Nebraska’s down-home ambiance is a great place to raise a family. With its wide open prairies, regular rodeos, Old West charm and historic sites, this laid-back state offers a relaxed pace of life and many fun recreational activities.

North Dakota

Beautiful plains, parks and friendly towns are all an integral part of this Midwest state. Dakota is the Indian name for “friend”, which is a good indication of how you are treated there. With a cowboy influence in many of the towns, more wildlife preserves than any other state in the country, clean air, blue skies and scenic plains, North Dakota offers much to enjoy.


Sparkling city lights and quiet country sights are both hallmarks of this diverse state. The cities of Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus all offer high-tech living, gleaming skyscrapers and top-rate cultural attractions. For those who prefer a quieter pace, the serene countryside, Lake Erie islands and beautiful parklands provide a perfect retreat from the urban landscape.


Rich in American Indian heritage, Oklahoma is a place of wide open spaces and natural beauty. Go rock climbing in the Wichita Mountains, visit the Great Plains, paddle along the Illinois River or explore the forested hills or crystal clear lakes. Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the state’s major cities, are filled with a wide variety of attractions and entertainment options.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s most famous landmark is Mt. Rushmore, a massive granite mountainside carved with four of America’s most well-known presidents. Besides this impressive attraction, the state is also home to national parks and forests, beautiful caves, archeological treasures, roaming bison and a wide variety of agriculture.


Known as the “Dairy Capital of America,” farming is the major industry in Wisconsin. Besides its central plains, the state boasts many rivers, streams, lakes and forests that are ideal for boating, fishing, camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities. The modern towns of Green Bay and Milwaukee are the largest in Wisconsin. Summerfest, one of America’s largest music festivals, takes place in Milwaukee every year.

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Read about the Midwest region of the United States. O’Grady Peyton International places nurses and allied health professionals in health care employers across the nation
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