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OGrady Peyton

Meet the Team

International Nursing Recruitment Team

O'Grady Peyton International employs team members who are genuinely compassionate, caring and seasoned to make sure your career and personal goals in America are fulfilled. From your initial contact with a recruiting representative all the way through to your relocation to the USA and beyond, you will have the full support of O’Grady Peyton International every step of the way. Please take a few moments to meet the O’Grady Peyton International team.

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Sinead Carbery, Brand President

Sinead started her career as an O’Grady Peyton International Nurse over 20 years ago. Trained at St. James’s School of Nursing in Dublin, Ireland, she started her nursing career in the United States in California and then moved to Savannah, Georgia, where OGP had its Nursing Division at the time. Sinead joined the OGP corporate team in a retention role and has worked in Retention, Placement, Sales, Director and Vice President roles over the last two decades. “I’ve been lucky enough in my career to find what I love to do! America has afforded me every opportunity in the last 20 years and with OGP, I get to see so many others realize the same dream.”

Michele Kilkenny, Director of Immigration and Licensure

Michele joined O’Grady Peyton International in 1989 fresh off the plane from Ireland with a green card in her hand, a resume and one backpack. She started as office manager and remembers the time when H-1A Visas were the only choice for nurses. She is the resident expert on immigrant visas and nursing licensure. She feels humbled to be able to have an effect on our nurses’ lives and that of their families. They, like she, see America as the land of opportunity and it’s her mission to see them succeed in the U.S. Michele’s motto is, “Why not?”

Gillian Williams, RN, BSBA, Clinical Director

Gillian is a Caribbean nurse, with a range of experiences over the past 19 years that include neurosurgery, pediatrics, cardiac step-down, trauma step-down, telemetry and ICU. She received her nursing education at the NIHERST College of Nursing and San Fernando General Hospital in Trinidad and has worked at hospitals in Trinidad, Arizona and Florida. She is critical-care trained with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. Gillian has been working with OGP for the past 10 years, first as an OGP nurse on assignment and now supporting her fellow nurses from around the world as they, too, make their life and career transitions to the vast healthcare opportunities available in the U.S. “This is why I decided to come to the U.S. and OGP has definitely helped me to fulfill my career goals!”

Amy Bargeron and Paige Fulford, Recruiters

Our Recruiters will explain all of the details about US Nursing Programs and explain how we can assist you in making your dreams to work as an Registered Nurse in the United States come true. Our recruitment team is here to answer any of your questions and help you with all of the paperwork required to join the O’ Grady Peyton International Team.

Anna Brinson and Sharonda Hillman, Operations Specialists

Operations specialists support the application process by assisting you to get all of the required documentation to us in a timely fashion. They help guide you through the English language, licensure and Visascreen processes, and supporting the recruitment teams. They help ensure there are no delays as nurses go through the immigration process.

Maria “Aimee” Catibog- Operations Specialist, Recruitment

Operations specialist in Recruitment directs the nursing candidate on providing the required documentation for a full file to us in a timely fashion, and guiding you through the English language, and supporting the recruitment and operation teams.

Mary Carmody- Manager, Sales Operations

As Manager, Sales Operations, I provide oversight and support to our team, ensuring each health professional’s relocation is well resourced and planned. Our goal is to provide each nurse with a customized relocation that meets their needs, in addition to diversified resources to support them throughout their contract and beyond.

Kim Sisk- NCLEX Licensure Specialist

The NCLEX Licensure Specialist will guide you through the process of getting you a U.S. RN (registered nurse) license. The NCLEX Licensure Specialist will assist you in applying to a state board of nursing, and getting you credentialed to ensure that you meet the specific requirements of individual state boards of nursing in the United States. Once your application is approved, the NCLEX Licensure Specialist will register you to take the NCLEX, and assist you in scheduling an exam date.

Elaine Hanratty and Kerena German, Recruitment Specialists

Recruitment Specialists are typically the first person that you will speak with about opportunities with O’ Grady Peyton International. Our Recruitment Specialists help assist you in completing your online application, skills checklist, and setting you up for an interview with one of our recruiters.

Kimberly Thompson, Licensure Specialist

To work as a nurse in America, you must have a U.S. RN (registered nurse) license. Your licensure specialist will guide you through the process of studying for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam and assist you with the necessary arrangements to take the exam. Once you have passed the NCLEX-RN and have your job offer confirmed, your licensure specialist will also assist you with the endorsement process to obtain licensure in the State where you will work.

Bear Revels- Client Sales Manager

Our client sales manager secures new and exciting contracts in new locations, works directly with our client facilities to determine the needs by specialty and helps to develop new and exciting opportunities for the future. Bear joined O’Grady Peyton in 2016 and brings several years of specialized recruitment operations and strategy with him. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Biology Pre-Medicine at Wofford College, and went abroad to Durham University Business School for his graduate years. There he completed a graduate business degree and played international lacrosse. Since joining, he’s found a home in OGP to meld his business and medical interests. It’s Bear’s goal to “identify and strategically partner with facilities that provide the best opportunities for our nurses.”

Lilia Osuna, Immigration Specialist

Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be assigned an immigration specialist, who helps you with everything you need for the filing of your Permanent Residency Visa (Green Card) or Temporary Visa. Your immigration specialist will also assist you with any questions related to the process and offer any post-arrival assistance.

Johneshia McCray, Client Account Manager

Our client account manager will match you with the available openings at our client facilities based on your specialty, experience and preferences. It is essential that you keep your work experience, skills check lists and references up-to-date at all times so that the client account manager has the most up-to-date information to present on your behalf to our client facilities.

Dell-Marie Pinnock, Clinical Assignment Manager

Prior to being placed at a hospital in America, you will be introduced to your clinical assignment manager. Your clinical assignment manager will assess your skills and experience, and will play an important role in helping you find a nursing job in the United States. Once you have been placed at a hospital, your clinical assignment manager, who is an experienced RN, will be on hand to answer any clinical questions you have at your new workplace. Your clinical assignment manager will also assist you in the preparation process and will assign pre-arrival education to help you in preparing for your U.S. assignment.

Stephanie Jordan- Pre NCLEX Coordinator

To work as a nurse in America, you must pass the National Council Licensure Exam – NLCEX. Stephanie guides our nurses as they make their way through the NLCEX Preparation Course to ensure they are ready to sit for the exam. Once they have completed the course, she assists the nurse with travel arrangements to test in America. Stephanie enjoys supporting the nurses while they are in the program and seeing them progress to the next phase of working in America.

Lindsey Jackson- Relocation Specialist

Lindsey joined O’Grady Peyton in January of 2016, and instantly felt at home in her role as relocation specialist. As a US Army veteran and Military Spouse, she has a unique appreciation for all the planning and concern that goes into moving a great distance. Lindsey graduated from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN before relocating first to Texas and then to Savannah, where she found her place at OGP. “I love the unique combination of connecting with the nurses on a very personal level while managing the details of their relocation. It is such an amazing experience to work with our nurses on the final steps in the process of coming to the US!”

Lori Stubbs, Relocation Specialist

Once you have accepted a nursing job at a hospital in the United States, your relocation specialist will assist you with booking your flight, arranging your housing and furniture delivery, and ensuring that everything is ready for you upon arrival.

Kim Spelman and Sterling Blankenship, Retention Specialists

At O’Grady Peyton International, we are like your extended family away from home. Our retention specialists will help you to navigate your new home in the U.S. They are skilled in assisting you to understand a new healthcare system, can help you to find childcare, will assist and guide your partner to create a U.S. format resume to help secure employment more quickly, or anything else that you may need to help you settle into your new home in the U.S. We pride ourselves in delivering caring, compassionate quality service to all of our clinicians. We can also direct you to our partners in payroll, benefits and customer service

Quality Services Analysts

Once your placement is confirmed our quality service analysts will match required pre-start documentation with the client facility requirements. This will include medical requirements, certifications, and pre-employment paperwork. It is essential that you work closely with your QSA to ensure an on-time start date.

Meet-and-Greet Specialists

Upon arrival at your destination in America, your meet-and-greet specialist will be on hand to welcome you and make you feel at home in your new environment. He or she will help you open a bank account, obtain a social security number, purchase a car and many other tasks. If you have children, your meet-and-greet specialist will assist you with choosing a school and making any child-care arrangements.

Customer Service Specialists

Once on assignment in the U.S., our customer service team can assist you with any payroll questions and concerns and are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

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